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The policy lays down the guidelines and mechanism for undertaking socially useful programs for welfare & sustainable development of the community at large along with the Company’s philosophy for setting down its responsibility as a corporate citizen is titled as the ‘T V SUNDRAM IYENGAR & SONS PRIVATE LIMITED (“The Company”) - CSR Policy’.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has gained prominence from all avenues. Organizations have realized that Government alone will not be able to get success in its endeavor to uplift the under privileged part of the society. . It is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development of the society at large and building capacity for sustainable livelihoods.

This policy shall apply to all CSR initiatives and activities taken up by the Company for the benefit of different segments of the society, specifically the deprived and underprivileged. T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Private Limited has been carrying out corporate social responsibility activities for decades and serving the community they operate in.

This CSR policy aims the following objectives / goals:
  • To make CSR a key business process for sustainable development for the Society
  • To directly or indirectly take up programmes that benefit the communities in vicinity wherever the Company operates and results, over a period of time, in enhancing the quality of life & economic wellbeing of the local populace.

The Company aims at spending a defined portion of its net profit for the betterment of Indian society through:
  • Providing financial and other assistance to students for basic and higher education who belong to socially economical weaker sections.
  • Supporting efforts for community health, providing healthcare and medical facilities in slums and areas inhabited by weaker sections.
  • Supporting efforts for providing drinking water and sanitation facilities at schools, colleges etc.
  • Taking proactive measures for the well-being of society, as per needs.

PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION Identification of Thrust Areas and Strategic Initiatives:

For purposes of focusing Company’s CSR efforts in a continued and effective manner, the following four Thrust Areas have been identified:
  • Healthcare and Medical facility
  • Education and Literacy Enhancement
  • Drinking water and Sanitation
  • Contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund

The Company will contribute for above thrust areas by itself or through specialized agencies or trusts or societies etc.
Constitution of CSR Committee
The members of the committee are as follows:
  • Sri Suresh Krishna
  • Sri Viji
  • Sri Venu Srinivasan
  • Sri R Dinesh

Monitoring and Reporting To ensure effective implementation of the CSR programmes undertaken by specialized agencies, a monitoring mechanism has been put in place by the CSR Committee. The progress of CSR programmes under implementation will be reported to the Board of Directors by the CSR Committee on periodic basis.

The CSR Committee will conduct impact studies on a periodic basis as may be required, especially on the strategic and high value programmes.

CSR initiatives of the Company will also be reported in the Annual Report of the Company. It also will be hosted in the website of the Company.

General In case of any doubt with regard to any provision of the policy and also in respect of matters not covered herein, a reference to be made to the CSR Committee of the Company. In all such matters, the interpretation and decision of the CSR Committee shall be final.

Any or all provisions of the CSR Policy would be subject to revision/amendment in accordance with the guidelines on the subject as may be issued from Government, from time to time. The Company reserves the right to modify, cancel, add, or amend any of these Rules.

Determination of allocable amount The CSR Committee will determine the amount to be allocated for each activity on yearly basis, subject to minimum 2% of average net profits before tax for three immediately preceding financial years as prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules thereunder.

The surplus arising out of the CSR projects or programmes or activities shall not form part of the business profit of the Company.

Reporting In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013, the Board shall act on the principle of COREX i.e. comply or explain. Thus it is duty of the Board to ensure that compliance as per the policy has been made.

Communication & information dissemination
This CSR policy of the company will be disseminated wherever required.